Doctor explains dangers of playing in rain water

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX – Many washes and greenbelts in the Valley are still full of water and while they may seem like a fun and easy way for kids to cool off, doctors say parents need to think twice.

Many things in the water that pose a danger can't be seen but can cause injuries like cuts and scrapes.

There are also chemicals in the water that can cause irritations, rashes and other problems.

If you were to accidentally swallow some of the water, it could lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

There is also a risk of drowning when playing in the washes.

Record amounts of rain came down in the Valley on Monday. Some of the water has been standing, some is still moving so the water you see in your own backyard or neighborhood washes may have come from several miles down the road.

"The rain is nice and clean when it's falling out of the sky, but once it hits the ground it starts to get dirty," Dr. Rachael Blumenthal said. "We have a lot of runoff and so it could be anything from bacteria and viruses in the water, pesticide runoff."

Blumenthal said what you need to do as a parent is if you really want your kids to enjoy the moment, do it in a safe place, maybe your own backyard or somewhere you can supervise and know what debris may be in the area.

If your children do play in a wash, have them wear closed-toe shoes and make sure they take a bath or shower afterward.