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Part of a parent’s job description at times is being a nurse, so here are a few fix it finds that have worked for us when it comes to ailments like eczema, colds, chapped lips and more.  Plus most of these products are homeopathic or naturopathic, which I like to try first before I switch to meds that contain steroids and other antibiotics.  Take a look to see if any of these remedies may be helpful for your family.  Here we go from head to toe:

For The Nose:

*First sign of a cold – I tell my kids to tell me early on when they don't feel well.  Not all kids do this because they either blow it off or are worried that they may miss an upcoming big event.  Talk to your kids about telling you at the first sign if they aren't feeling right.  We now have a routine that we practice at the first sign of illness.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the common cold is the number one reason why children miss school.  So when that first sniffle comes on, I give my kids extra Vitamin C.

For flu symptoms, my favorite Boiron Homeopathic medicine, that my kids like is called Oscillococcinum.  The quick dissolving pellets help to relieve flu symptoms and are tasty, so kids will let these dissolve in their mouth.

Boiron also has several other helpful homeopathic products that include Boiron Children's ColdCalm and Boiron Children's Chestal.  For a cough, the Chestal is a dye-free, non-drowsy syrup that includes real honey and works for kids ages 3 and up.  The medicine relieves nasal and chest congestion, cough, runny nose, sneezing and a minor sore throat.  The ColdCalm gives a runny nose relief.  Boiron products are sold at Healthy Habit, Whole Foods stores and at Sprouts Farmers Market locations.

*Sinus – Last year I found an amazing herbal naturopathic product called Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Sinus Relief Herbal Bath.  This aromatic bath treatment alleviates congestion and boosts immunity with a naturally antiseptic formula that targets infection and detoxifies the skin.  This is ideal for cold and flu season because this therapeutic soak supports the immune system by targeting external bacteria, fungi and microbes as it heals and purifies the pores.  Order online at  A 6.7 oz bottle sells for $32 or the 3.4 oz for $20. 

*Nose Bleeds - Petroleum jelly can help kids who get frequent nose bleeds like my son used to get quite often when he was younger.  Our pediatrician recommended Vaseline and I also read this same tip in the book, “Reader’s Digest 1,801 Home Remedies” which is a handy guide that I recommend to families.  I found this book on Amazon for around $6, which is a good price since it is a wealth of information.  The book says that Vaseline can also prevent nosebleeds by keeping mucous membranes moist by simply dabbing the insides of the nostrils with petroleum jelly.  Pair this treatment with a humidifier that runs in the child's room at night for added relief.

For Lips:

*Chapped Lips – As we move into fall and winter, my kids always complain about dry and chapped lips.  My favorite all natural product is Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm which contains good ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E and more.  Also run a humidifier in the room at night, which provides moisture to the body while sleeping, which helps to combat the very dry climate that we live in.

For Skin:

*Eczema -- My daughter and many of her friends suffer from eczema and I think it is in part due to the super dry climate we live in.  We see a dermatologist several times a year to not only have my girl's skin examined to see how the eczema is improving, but to also check her moles, since we live in Phoenix and our state has a high rate of skin cancer cases.  To combat eczema, encourage your kids to slather lotion on as soon as they bathe or get out of the shower.  Applying to damp skin increases the absorption.  Our pediatrician recommends the Aveeno line and we really like that. 

Another Aveeno product we like is the oatmeal packs that are sold at drug stores.  Simply pour the contents under running water in a bath and let your child soak in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes.  The beneficial fragrance free ingredient is the 100% pure colloidal oatmeal and is very soothing.

For eczema spots, try dabbing a little Toe Juice with DermaVine on the area.  This cool plant based, non greasy, fast drying liquid is sold at Walgreens and was invented by a chemistry teacher for his own children's skin ailments.  It is a gentle and soothing blend of natural plant extracts that includes willow bark, lemon peel and Cinnamonum extracts. 

Toe Juice also offers a Toe Juice Skin Refreshing Toner which is a great one for teens going through puberty to splash on their feet or under the arms to refresh skin during the stinky puberty years.  Toe Juice also just launched a Toe Juice Body Line that has aloe Vera and Vitamin E included in the new product.  The Toe Juice Body Line is only sold at the website for now at

For Nails:

*Dry Nails – If your nails are dry and brittle, try this nighttime remedy.  First rub Vaseline into your nails and then, to hold moisture in, slip on a pair of thin cotton gloves and go to sleep.  Also always wear gloves when you hand wash dishes.   

For Feet:

*Foot pain – This one is for the Mamas.  I once had a very painful case of Plantar Fasciitis and I was able to cure it naturally without a steroid shot.  To do this, I first visited podiatrist Dr. C. Jon Beecroft, D.P.M at Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center.  Dr. Beecroft discovered that I had plantar fasciitis in one foot and heel spurs in both heels.  And the padding under the ball of my other foot had thinned out through the years, so no wonder I had been in foot pain.  I did not want the cortisone shot because I didn’t want the steroids in my body, unless I truly needed the injection.  My doctor respected that, so he did a series of treatments that included taping my feet, kind of like a ballerina does. The tape gave my feet extra support, while taking some pressure off of my heels.  I also wore a round pad under the ball of my foot, where the fatty padding had worn thin. 


I also went in for ultrasound treatments for a few weeks.  This painless procedure stimulated the flow of blood and oxygen to the region of my heel where the plantar fascia connects, which is the area that gave me so much pain.  The ultrasound waves help to reduce the inflammation.  The treatment felt good and I’m happy to report that after three weeks of this therapy, it worked! 


He also had me do ice treatment at home, which was a simple procedure that required me to roll my feet over a frozen water bottle twice a day for about 10 minutes each.  So all of these natural treatments completely cured my painful Plantar Fasciitis in about two months time.  There were a few additional steps we took as well that you can read about in my complete blog article on this experience at  But a big change I made is to let go of my beloved high heels and, to my pleasant surprise,  I have found attractive heels that have built-in orthotics and have saved my feet.  I get my heels at Foot Solutions and I haven’t looked back.  See the segment to see the pretty high heels that I got at Foot Solutions, which has several Valley locations.



What are your favorite family remedies for the ailments that bug us?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check my blog at for more family matters, recipes, remedies and more.  I’m wishing you all a healthy fall season ahead!