'The Doctors' encourage acts of kindness with #SMOCK campaign

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Kindness is one of the themes of the seventh season of "The Doctors" as the docs encourage people to take part in their #SMOCK campaign.

"SMOCK stands for 'simple moments of contagious kindness,'" Dr. Rachel Ross explained to 3TV's Scott Pasmore.

"The news we see and read every day is filled with stories of hardship and suffering," reads SMOCKYou.com "'The Doctors' know that giving and doing for others makes one feel better both mentally and physically. #SMOCK is designed to encourage selflessness and inspire people to do simple acts of kindness."

The concept is very simple. If you see somebody doing something kind, or you yourself do something kind, shoot a photo or video and upload it to you social media accounts with the hashtag #SMOCK.

"What's going to happen is it's going to be contagious," Ross said excitedly. "Other people -- your friends, you family members -- are going to see all of these great kind things that you're doing, and they're going to pay it forward and do something themselves. It's a nice virus we're trying to spread."

"Too many viruses these days are scary and bad for you," Dr. Travis Stork chimed in. "We want there to be one infection that comes out of the show 'The Doctors' -- after seven years -- that people actually celebrate."

The new season premiered Monday.

Ross said the team will be sharing "stories of hope and survival," as well as teaching people. The goal is for viewers to learn something new every day.

"The Doctors" airs weekdays at noon on 3TV.