Firefighters help carry kids out of child care center during flood

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER -- Flooding made for some tense moments in the east Valley Monday, as parents tried to get to their kids at Child Time, a child care center near Chandler Boulevard and Pennington.

Flooding surrounded the child care center and made it tough for families to get in and out. Fortunately, some firefighters just happened to be in the area, and stepped in to help. They told parents to stay on dry land as they walked through the flooded area and carried their kids safely to parents.

Child Time called parents when the area flooded Monday morning. Heavy rain had filled a nearby lake, and the water overflowed.

Firefighters said the staff at the child care center was afraid that the water would creep into the center. 13 kids were reportedly inside at the time.

Firefighters said they were in the neighborhood because a US postal truck got stuck in the area. Then they found out about the children at the child care center, so they helped parents get their children from this flooded area.

“We're getting the people stranded right here. And then the kids, and we didn't want the parents to work their way in, worried about their kids and then try to get them out, so we just decided we'll block all this off, coordinated that, and then when the parents are able to get their kids, walk them out,” said Captain Ronnie Wetch with Chandler fire.