3OYS UPDATE: King Tapes customers to finally get videos returned

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

MESA, Ariz. -- For the past several months, King Tapes and Printing in Mesa has been a source of frustration for its customers. 

Just ask Marie Campbell, who in a previous 3 On Your Side report said she constantly drove to King Tapes to check on her home videos only to find the Mesa store closed.

"I dropped off my videotapes in March," Campbell told 3 On Your Side. "My son's birth all the way up to my kids probably being 6 or 8. Their entire childhood is what (the owner) has. I have none of them and I have to get them back."

She's not the only one. Keith Colombik took old VHS tapes of his father to be converted to a newer, more modern format. But he too never got his tapes or the format returned.

"There's no value to anybody else. It's my family. We just want them back," Colombik said.

And then there's Ashley Woodward. She was married, and the only video she had of her wedding was sent to King Tapes.

Woodward said, "We just wanted to be able to watch it again and maybe show our kids one day."

But her wedding video, along with the memories of countless other consumers, were all lost when King Tapes' owner ran into some problems, including getting arrested.

As a result, King Tapes shut down, leaving consumers wondering if they'd ever get their precious items back.

Well, we have good news. The Downtown Mesa Association stepped in and says it was able to enter the building, collect all the videotapes, and relocate them to the association office.

In a statement just released by the organization, a spokesperson said, "The Downtown Mesa Association is happy to be a holding place for the lost memories of all of the King Tapes customers and will work to make sure that each tape is returned to its owner."

That is such a relief for the numerous customers who thought their missing memories would be lost forever.

If you're a customer who took videotapes to King Tapes, all you have to do is contact the Downtown Mesa Association and set up an appointment. There are many tapes to sort through and organize, so you're asked to be patient.

For more information on getting your family videos returned contact:

Downtown Mesa Association
100 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ 85201