No-heat meals help you stay cool in the kitchen

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- No one likes to turn on the oven when it's still so hot outside.

On Tuesday's Good Morning Arizona, Heidi Goita brought us some ideas for easy, no-heat meals.

The folks at Rusconi's American Kitchen shared some of their favorite tips. One recipe is for a chicken salad sandwich, and includes the roasted chicken you can buy at the grocery store.

Pull apart about a cup of chicken and add parsley to it. How about some homemade aioli? Grab some mayo from the fridge and add lemon juice to give it some punch. Then add fruit like raisins, apricots and cherries. Finally, add black pepper.

One of the keys to a good sandwich is the bread.  Grab some great bread and add the chicken salad. You have a delicious sandwich and the kitchen stays cool.

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