Hot jobs! Best industries in the Valley right now

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Technology, health care and skilled labor are the three hottest industries in Arizona right now, according to a company that focuses on researching the market, finding people local jobs, and helping employers recognize local talent.

Ryan Naylor, founder of says the three fields are likely to be hotbeds for hiring for the next five years.

Naylor says the reason why, is simple: supply and demand.

"A lot of those positions are not being taught the way they need to be and there's not as many people entering the education system as needed to fill the demand."

Local air conditioning and plumbing company owner Mike Donley says he struggles to find qualified employees nowadays.

"But there are a lot of kids that don’t belong in college that can make a great income doing something with their hands," Donley says.

According to Donley, skilled labor positions can be lucrative. His average technician makes $60k a year. His top earners make six figures.

Health care is also a popular industry right now. Naylor says one of the biggest reasons why is the aging and retiring baby boomer generation.

Naylor says technology continues to show growth as company demand increases and the evolution of the workplace continues.