Mesa police keep busy with DUI patrols

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- Hundreds of arrests have been made across the state in a holiday weekend drunk driver crackdown.

Officers from just about every police agency in the state are out trying to track down impaired drivers and take them off of our roads.

Mesa police have been concentrating their efforts near Loop 202 and Power Road. They made four arrests in just over an hour, then made several more since then after taking blood and urine samples inside their DUI enforcement van and finding the drivers’ blood alcohol level.

Some people were cited and released, but many who have already had a DUI in the past were booked into jail.

But some drivers are playing it safe. Colby Dolan said he was that designated driver to the Salt River Monday. "I was the DD this morning, and we have a second DD for after the river," said Dolan.

He said he wasn't drinking while driving. Instead, he was pulled over for another reason.

"We were driving to the river stopped at Walgreens, and the people in the back decided to open some containers and they pulled us over," he said.

Dolan said he was only given a warning. "And they sent us on our way," he said.

But his friends said they won't pull that again. "You live and you learn right?" said Zach Richard.

Especially since they know police are out in full force during the statewide Holiday DUI Enforcement campaign.

"We have a significant portion of the vehicles that we stop coming down this road from Salt River right into Mesa who are impaired, and that's why we're here," said Sgt. Dave Meicke with Mesa Police.

Sgt. Meicke said not all of the drivers stopped are impaired with alcohol.

"For the most part these folks are just out having a good time enjoying their weekend, but there are those few people that are drinking or using drugs this weekend. Our agency alone had 36 DUI arrests,” said Sgt. Meicke. “Twenty-seven of them were impaired by drugs or something other than alcohol."

Tubers we talked to said they're watching out for one another. Many said they'd be sure to have a designated driver.

"We do. We've got two of them because there are two trucks, so we'll be set," said Nathan Sosa who was tubing at the Salt River.