Varsity Zone's Fastest 3 Minutes

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By Joe Farris By Joe Farris

We are going to start tonight at Centennial High School -- where it’s a battle of the No. 1s. The No. 1 ranked team in division two, Centennial, is hosting the No. 1 ranked team in division one, Chandler.

Sluggish first half for Chandler but they picked it up in a big way in the second

QB Bryce Perkins tucks and runs it down the sideline, breaks free and scores easily...34 yards on the td and it is 14-10 wolves

The ASU commit -- Perkins is able to connect with Danny Mahan who gets into the end zone and chandler is up 21-10

But Centennial comes back, a short td run by Dedrick Young cuts the lead to 4

And then QB Isaac Steele rolls out and finds Bozton Sanders in the endzone and the Coyotes take a 24-21 lead

But Bryce perkins is a leader -- and he leads this team down the field, he finds Justin Jan for a huge catch and run

Then it’s Perkins again to Jan who is able to break free and score

Back and forth game and Chandler is able to win it 28-24

Saguaro fans dancing in the stands to "Y'all ready for this"

And it’s Kare Lyles who throws to Christian Kirk and Kirk is able to blow past everyone for the 70 yard catch and run 7-0 Sabercats

Chaparrall’s Rene Taito gets hammered by the Saguaro defense. You could hear that hit from the stands

But the Firebirds are determined to get into the end zone and Shawn Paul Brophy with the QB sneak and ties it at 7

Saguaro goes up top for the long bomb and Kare Lyles delivers to Byron Murphy down to the 8-yard line

Then a little wildcat with Kirk at QB and he hands it to Murphy who gets to the corner and makes it 13-7 Saguaro

Saguaro wins 41-14. Christian Kirk finishes with 117 yards rushing and 186 yards receiving and two TDs.

The defending champs Mountain Pointe making the trip to North High.

3rd quarter North offense struggling and the pride defense smothers Dalton Thorp with a tackle for a loss

The Mountain Pointe offense ripping off chunks of yardage, Tyrek Cross with a big gain running hard

A couple of plays later, Brandon Leonard takes the pitch and gets to the corner for the TD and the Pride is up big 50-0

Mountain Pointe d is still hitting, watch the lick Brandon Leonard lays on Sergio Inda when he catches the ball over the middle...ouch

The Pride still with the foot on the gas with a running clock. It’s Cross again who goes to the left and finds the end zone

Mountain Pointe coasts to victory 64 to 0