McCain talks on ISIS, immigration reform

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

PHOENIX -- Sen. John McCain sat down with reporters Javier Soto and Kaley O'Kelley Friday morning to discuss ISIS and immigration reform in Arizona.

O'Kelley started off the conversation by asking McCain for his thoughts on Obama's comments regarding ISIS Thursday night.

"What is the goal?" McCain responded. "Is the goal to stop them? Is it to rescue people from mountaintops? Is it to only engage in humanitarian stuff or to protect Americans? He's got to articulate that our goal is to defeat ISIS."

Obama has been under fire for admitting that he does not have a strategy yet on how to handle ISIS.

"The biggest mistake the president could make was not leaving a residual force behind in Iraq," McCain said. "There are decisions the president has made that have caused us to be in the situation we are in today."

Soto switched gears and asked McCain about immigration reform and the bipartisan bill McCain helped with that passed the Senate and died in the House.

"There are still 11 million people in this country that are here illegally," McCain said. "We still have a flood of children on our border. It's not an acceptable situation."

McCain wants the law to be changed so the children can be returned immediately.

He also suggested having facilities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador where residents can plead their case for feeling in danger and wanting asylum.