ASU preview with Pac 12 Networks Yogi Roth

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By Joe Farris By Joe Farris

ASU kicks off the 2014 season tomorrow night against Weber State on the Pac 12 Networks, Yogi Roth is here and he is on the color for the Pac 12 Networks.

First of all, Yogi thanks for coming in. any chance ASU loses the game?

I don’t think so, I think they are just going to be alright, but it's fun, football is back, the energies are going the juices are flowing.

One of the great things about doing the game in the booth is you get to meet with the coaches the day before. Give me a little snippet of Todd Graham today.

The thing that is really unique is when you look at this roster, about 95% of the roster are all Todd Graham guys, even the JC guys, and he’s brought them in.

He doesn’t have to transform a culture like he did year 1, year 2 and the expectations, he's embracing them.

He thinks that this team is extremely underrated, offensively clearly we know what they have, but defensively, I think there's going to be some young players you're going to fall in love with.

They’re going to make mistakes, it's not going to be beautiful but I think this team is really exciting and coach Todd Graham was actually relaxed today.

The amount of starters that they have to replace on defense is interesting because I’ve heard anywhere from 10-11 wins and I’ve heard some people that actually cover the team day in and day out say this team could win 7 games.

So there is an element of unknown.

Of course and every single week I get to meet with different coaches and after the meeting, when I walk out, I’m like they're going to win the national championship.

Of course coach graham he had me convinced as well. I think this is a really talented team, I think this is a team with a really big chip on their shoulder.

Think about the pac-12, you talk about Oregon, Stanford, USC, UCLA, by the way, Arizona State won the championship in the south a year ago.

Talk about quarterbacks, Marcus Marriotta, Brett Hundley, by the way second team All-Pac-12 quarterback was Taylor Kelly.

Not a lot guys getting a lot of respect nationally and even within their own conference.

Pac-12 across the board, can ASU, I know they can content but do you really think, can they be in rose bowl contention?

I think they have the ability because of the attacking style of play on both sides of the ball. Offensively, they are going to score points.

Taylor Kelly, Jaelen Strong, they've got guys that can make plays down the field. I think defensively is where they are impressive because they are going to come after you from all over.

So you have to keep up offensively. and if you can get these guys going early on, late in the season they are going to knock some teams off, is it going to be enough, we'll find out because i think the pac12 is so loaded, I don’t think one team is going to roll undefeated.

Alright Yogi Roth, color commentating tomorrow night Pac12 Networks, Roxy Bernstein on the play by play.

Yeah Ashley Adamson on the sidelines, we've got a great crew.

Alright 7:30 in Tempe tomorrow night, guys I’ll send it back to you.