Arizona murder with psychic connection featured on Investigation Discovery

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --- Investigation Discovery set out to tell stories of middle-aged women falling victim to "handsome devils," or con-men, and producers chose to focus on a prominent Arizona woman's story.

Terri Bowersock built Terri's Consign and Design stores with her mother, Loretta. Loretta disappeared in 2004.

"[My mother's longtime boyfriend] Taw called and told me my mother had been kidnapped," Terri recalls.

Taw committed suicide days later, and Terri discovered he had spent years conning her mother out of her assets.

Terri began the seemingly impossible task of combing the desert between Phoenix and Tucson, searching for her mother's body.

Months into the process, a psychic with no prior connection to the Bowersock family, says Loretta came to her from the ''beyond.''

"She came to me, and told me she was buried 52 miles south of Phoenix, off the off-ramp," psychic Tammy J. Holmes said.

Loretta Bowersock's body was soon found, near that spot.

The discovery of the rocky grave was just the beginning of the relationship between Terri and her psychic. They continue yearly readings, where Holmes says she talks to, and relays messages between Terri and her mother.

They allowed 3TV to record a recent reading, where Holmes says Loretta sent a message to her daughter.

"She said most important is getting the message out, that you don't have to be a victim, and you can leave a relationship no matter how difficult it is," Holmes told Terri.

The psychic also said Taw, the presumed killer, was present.

"For him, killing himself wasn't a fear of going to jail. He couldn't live with what he did," she told Terri.

"They were getting ready to separate. She was going to leave him," she added.

The circumstances surrounding Loretta Bowersock's death remain unclear, but Terri and her psychic believe it was more of an accident than a murder.

Still, she hopes sharing her story in a new book, and on Investigation Discovery, will shine a spotlight on abusive relationships, and help people in similar situations.

The documentary airs several times this week, and on the Investigation Discovery website.

Proceeds from Bowersock's book will go to shelters helping women suffering physical or emotional abuse. You can find more information on the book at: