Women boost bust line without going under knife

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- It's the latest beauty trick for women: temporary breast enhancements.

Women are able to boost their bust line without going under the knife, and it has a lot of people talking.

A surgeon out of New York said he’s already injected over 100 women with saline to increase their bust, and although he admits the most it will last is 24 hours, he said he’s gotten good results.

"Patients who said, ‘You know, I don't necessarily know if I want permanent breast augmentation, but I have an event that I want to go to,’ ” said Dr. Norman Rowe.

Scottsdale surgeons Dr. John Corey and Dr. Pablo Prichard said it hasn’t gained popularity here yet, and they said they wouldn’t recommend it.

"The injection of the saline kind of stretches the tissue, and if later on we decide not to get the augmentation, then we could have for instance a little bit of the sagging of the breasts afterwards,” Prichard said.

Corey said he doubts the enhancement would last 24 hours.

He said the way body absorbs liquid, he believes it would be closer to six to 12 hours.

"If you want a good cleavage get a good push-up bra, and if you're that flat that you don't even have enough to push together, it's going to take a lot of saline and it's going to look really kind of weird," Corey said.

Rowe said he has injected 150 women so far at the cost of $2,500 per procedure.