3OYS: Gilbert woman battles $1,800 medical bill she says she doesn't owe

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GILBERT, Ariz. -- Mary Ann Luna has a passion for animals.

“I have five rescue cats and a rescue dog," she said.

And for the most part, the animals love each other, except when it comes to eating.

“The cats love the dog food and the dog loves the cat food,” she said.

And when that happens, things get a little out of hand, which is exactly what caused Luna a huge problem.

“I was trying to keep her dog from eating all the cat food, and the dog got between my legs and knocked me over," she said.

As a result, Luna says she took a trip to the emergency room only to discover she had a broken arm.

“He said, 'I know exactly what it is. It's a fractured tibia,' or something," Luna recalled.

After getting a sling and being told to see an orthopedist, Luna said she was out of the ER in no time.

“They gave me a prescription for Tylenol with codeine and they sent me on my way,” she said. “And then I got a bill from Premier Medical for $1,800 for the physician’s part of the emergency care."

That amount of money didn't sit well, particularly when Luna's explanation of benefits from her insurance company indicated she should only be responsible for around $250.

And to complicate matters, the $1,800 bill was coded as a "surgery charge."

“I didn't receive surgery and they were billing all this money for surgery," she said. "All I did was see the doctor for two minutes."

Confused and frustrated, Luna contacted the ER group that was billing her.

“They just said, 'Well, that's how it's coded and that's how it's billed,' ” she recalled.

Then came another shock.

“All of a sudden, I get a collection letter saying they had turned it over to collections,” she said.

That's when Luna contacted 3 On Your Side.
We contacted that billing group which due to privacy laws couldn't discuss Luna's case specifically.

However, they immediately took Luna's account out of collections and assured 3 On Your Side that they would take care of the matter.

Luna says that's all she wants.

“I will feel relieved and I will feel happy just to have it over with," she said.