3OYS update: Mattress victim sleeping better

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says she's sleeping a lot better these days following a report that aired last week.

"To actually have someone to actually show human compassion back to me, that was pretty awesome," LaChella Boson said.

Boson is sleeping a lot better these days on her new Memory Foam mattress courtesy of a 3 On Your Side viewer.

"I felt so refreshed, too, when I woke up that morning," she said.
The brand-new bed was given to Boson free of charge by the owner of a Valley mattress company who saw 3 On Your Side's original story.

In our initial report, Boson told 3 On Your Side that something wasn't quite right with her recently purchased queen-sized mattress. It was, in her words, flimsy and not put together well.

3 On Your Side suspected there just might be more to Boson's flimsy mattress than she thought. So, we asked if she would be willing to cut her mattress open for a better inspection and she told her son to do just that. 

Our suspicions were confirmed when an old, dirty, used mattress was hidden inside. In other words, new fabric along with some cheap foam was wrapped around the old mattress and sold as new. Boson was stunned.

Gary Harper went to the warehouse on Baseline Road where Boson bought the mattress set, but the woman inside wouldn't say much, including who owned the warehouse or why they were selling used mattresses camouflaged as new.

After that report, Boson handed out fliers to warn other consumers.

3 On Your Side was contacted by a legitimate mattress company appalled by what we uncovered and decided to donate a new mattress set to Boson as long as they could remain anonymous.

As for Boson's dirty old mattress, you'll find it in the alley, which is probably where it was before it was wrapped to look new.

As for Boson, she is very grateful for the help.

"Thank you to 3 On Your Side, the entire team, Mr. Harper, he really, too, helped bring awareness to the dirty mattress people," she said. "It was pretty awesome. Thank you so much.”

There are some state and federal regulations when it comes to mattresses, but oddly enough, there really isn't an agency that polices or cracks down on problems like these. Consumers are advised to buy mattresses from reputable companies that have been in business for a few years.


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