3OYS: Mesa man returns from overseas with 'no clothes'

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

MESA, Ariz. -- Exotic vacations are supposed to be memorable. That's why so much planning goes into them and that's usually why they are so pricey.

But an East Valley man says he may never forget his trip to China because he returned with no clothes.

Ralph Rainey is retired from his wood-working career and has found another passion: traveling the world

“Well, I like to travel a little. I've been to China a couple of times. I've been to Thailand. I've been to Aruba. I've been on cruises about three, four times down in the Caribbean," he said.

And recently Rainey took a trip to China to visit a friend.

“Going was good," he said of the trip. "Coming back was horrible, a nightmare.”

After a number of plane delays on several different carriers, Rainey finally made it back to Arizona but his luggage apparently didn't.

“Well, I get down there and there's no baggage," he said. "I waited probably half an hour and couldn't get nothing.”

It's now been over month and Rainey still hasn't received his luggage or any answers to where it might be.

“Well, I've been downtown to the airport three times already, and I've been on the phone how many dozens of times talking to them and getting nowhere," he said.

As a result, Rainey's closet is bare because half his wardrobe missing.

He said he's contacted US Airways several times inquiring about his missing baggage but can't get answers.

“They were just giving me the runaround, waiting for something to happen. They kept saying, 'Oh, we're searching for it, we're searching for it.' Well, if they haven't found it in a month, I don't think they're gonna find it," Rainey said.

3 On Your Side contacted US Airways, the airline of Rainey's last connecting flight, and the other airlines he filed complaints with.

US Airways said it expedited Rainey's complaint and is investigating where his lost baggage might be.

US Airways told 3 On Your Side that if Rainey's baggage is not found, the airline could compensate him up to $1,800, the maximum amount allowed for lost clothing.
Rainey said he appreciates 3 On Your Side getting answers and hopes a resolution is reached soon.

“It's been a nightmare, to tell you the truth. I've never had a trip like it and I've traveled a little bit," he said. "This is the worst trip I've ever had."