Personnel file, 911 call released on teacher accused of drinking in class

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GILBERT, Ariz. -- Florence Unified School District officials say they did not have all of the facts when they hired Kathleen Jardine, a math teacher accused of drinking in her Poston Butte High classroom.

According to the personnel file released to 3TV, Jardine answered "no" when asked if she was ever fired from a job or resigned to prevent being fired.

Three years prior to the incident at Poston Butte High last week when school resource officers say Jardine came to school drunk with bottles of vodka and wine in her classroom, the math teacher was caught drunk at school in New Mexico.

She was terminated for her actions. Jardine does not disclose her history on her application to the Florence Unified School District. "It's of concern because that would've been a major red flag for us in the application process," says district spokesperson Richard Franco.

Jardine's personnel file shows she was able to obtain a valid teaching license from the state of Arizona and also passed fingerprint and background checks. School officials are reporting their findings to the school board for review and consideration in her disciplinary process.

Also part of consideration will be Jardine's arrest from the day prior to the incident at school. After a 911 caller reported a driver swerving in a school zone, police in Gilbert pulled Jardine over for suspicion of DUI.

Newly released reports show that Jardine failed the field sobriety tests. The officer says that Jardine stumbled through the walk and turn test. While counting her steps out loud, Jardine supposedly turned to the officer at one point and asked him, "Did I run out of numbers?"

Police searched Jardine's SUV and say they discovered a bottle of peppermint schnapps, half-empty, with the top screwed on crooked. When the officer asked Jardine if she had been drinking and driving, she allegedly said "I only drank it when I was stopped."

Jardine was arrested on charges of Super Extreme DUI after a field breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of .257. Jardine remains on leave from the district while due process takes its course.