RV has narrow miss with wash

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. -- A trailer home is back on dry land, but it was a scary few hours as its back end dangled perilously over the ledge of a wash in Cave Creek.

Flood waters raced with a vengeance through the usually dry wash. The land eroded, letting the RV slip.

A shed was also barely hanging on. And a home now stretches beyond the wash due to lost land.

For about a half hour Tuesday, water ran through the wash, taking a chair with it. But even after the waters receded, the damage was done.

Power went out for several homeowners in the Petite Acres RV Park.

And the struggle began to get one man's home off the ledge and back on dry land. "I thought this thing was going to go down the river, and I was in here when it started going," said William Woods, who owns the RV that dangled over the ledge.

He grabbed his dog and got out of the home. A tow truck driver was later able to maneuver the home to dry land.

"I'm so happy," said Woods. His RV will now be relocated to another space on the property.  Woods says his home is a little wet but will be OK. 

The woman who lives in the other home is staying with a friend until she figures out what to do next.