New River families search for missing horses after flood

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

NEW RIVER, Ariz. --- A New River neighborhood is cleaning up from what weather experts call a "1,000 Year Flood."

As night fell Tuesday, most homes in the area had no electricity, and no water.

Two women who had to be rescued from a home moved off its foundation by flood waters joined in the search for missing livestock Tuesday night.

"We'll go on.  It's no big deal for us, but my main concern now is the horses," Marcia Fuller told 3TV at sunset.

Several horses were found covered with blood. They were injured or trapped in debris when the floodwaters destroyed their pens and stables.

"They found one of them in the river, washed up in debris and driftwood," Sammy Primera said.

Fuller said at least three horses were still missing, along with several pet dogs owned by different neighbors.