Women speak about being trapped in home during New River flood

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

NEW RIVER, Ariz. -- Floodwaters trapped two women inside their New River home just before noon Tuesday.
Rescue crews responded from the ground and the air to help.
According to the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, it took at least 30 people to help with this rescue because there were power lines, large trees and still active moving water. In addition, things were shifting, including a travel trailer and shed, and then a mobile home was swept down the wash.

It was terrifying for the women trapped inside.
"I’m doing great," Marcia Fuller said after the ordeal.
She admits it was scary when she and Tracey Tumlinson realized their home was surrounded by at least 2 feet of water.
"Freaked out a little bit," Tumlinson said. "Who knew there was flooding in Arizona?"
When the water kept coming, they realized they were in trouble.

"It's been raining, and the river overflowed where they had covered it up to hold it back. It broke and the water surged," Fuller said.
They were not the only ones stuck in their neighborhood.
Their neighbor, Jason Perkins, and his friend had to hold on to a fence so that they would not be washed away.
"Got stuck in the middle of the river," Perkins said. "I lost my shoes. I lost everything. It took everything down the river."
They eventually made their way to safety.
"Me and my friend climbed down the fence, and when we got to the end of it, we waited for a little bit for it to come down and then we crossed it," he said.
He said firefighters also helped them, and they were happy to be on dry land.
"I'd never seen anything like that in my life," Perkins said. "It came over quick."
According to Maricopa County Flood Control, the New River Wash peaked at more than 10 feet.
"It just overwhelmed us," said Frances Perkins, who lives in the neighborhood.
As for Fuller and Tumlinson, crews at first sent a rescuer to pull them out of their home from overhead, but in the end, crews waited until the water receded and walked them to safety.
"I’m feeling very blessed and thank God for the fire department," Fuller said.