Time Managment Tips

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From Krissy
The kids are back in school, lots of activities are being planned, what helps you keep organized and manage your time?  CALENDARS! I have an electronic calendar, a paper one and a to do list!
Any products or apps that you would recommend? Google Cal. SO GREAT! It manages many different calendars and you can share them with different people. I share my personal calendar with Dorian and he shares his with me- I share my NCT Cal with Dorian and some of the other team coaches, and dorian shares his work calendar with me- so its all together and yet seperate and it sends me alerts! I really love google cal. AND it has a big old widget on my phone that updates!
What limits do you set for the kids activities or social events so you don’t over commit your time? ...I havent had to do this yet. Oh, wait, I did ask Zoe to choose between a Monday & Tuesday after school club instead of doing both.

From Leslie
I set alarms and alerts to help me stay on task. Alerts for bath time, making school lunches, bedtimes, head to the bus, and pick up times. I have my kids prepare the night before to make our morning easier. I try to sign documents and get everything I can before bedtime.
Getting my kids their own alarm clocks, has been helpful when we are all attempting to get out of the house at the same time.  This year, Toni is due at school one hour after Vondae, so I take him and have time to come home and send her off on the bus. 


I live and die by my weekly/monthly planner. My planner is an old-school, paper calendar book that even details my husband's work schedule, so that I know how to plan drop offs and pickups for the week. By plugging in all practices, workouts, work days and engagements, I can see where our opportunities for family dinners or a lunch date with my husband fit, and even book some free time. 
It sounds crazy to have to book free time, but I find that we are so busy with school, sports and work that the only way to protect free time is to schedule it, as well. The reality is that the free time then becomes protected.

With 3 athletic boys, we work around their practices and games during most weeks. In order to realistically manage, we provide them the opportunity to each play one sport at a time. If one of them does not have practice, they may be using another brother's practice as an opportunity to do homework or throw a ball with me or my husband for fun. At times there has been overlap between sports seasons and/or lessons of some kind and all I can say is that, "it takes a village." That's when I have needed to call on backup driving support from friends or family, or setup a carpool wherever possible.


I have 3 boys ages 12, 10, & 8.  We are involved in everything from Student Co, Drama, to Football, and Soccer.   We are always on the run BUT I refuse to feel like we are on the run.  I could not live with out my planner for sure!  I still use a paper planner but, I use a special one that I buy every year from Fry's grocery store. It is called a "Mother's Organizer" and can be found in the office supplies for under $15.   I like it because it has each day separated into each person in our house.  Also, I have a filing system that I use for everyone in my family to keep control of the clutter.  I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!  I also recommend to have an organized supply drawer instead of a junk drawer.  NEXT, ALARM CLOCKS on iPod's & phones. We use these everyday.  To keep the clutter down in the kitchen I also color coordinate all the drinking cups for my kiddos...lol.  NOW my most favorite time saver on planning my dinners is E-MEALS.  It is a membership website.  This has not only helped me with my grocery shopping, it has helped my family eat healthier, and it has saved me from running to the store many times during the week.
What limits do you set for the kids/family activities so you don’t over commit your time?
(1) activity in-school and (1) activity out of school is our max per child per season.