Fall Fashion Must-Haves!

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Fall Fashion Must-Haves!

Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista
Twitter: @lexasal

Bold Embellishments

1. Trending this season are embellished designs. Tory Burch and Kate Spade are just some of the few designers who have jumped on board with this trend. Graphic sweatshirts were a huge trend last year. They had these catchy, sometimes comical phrases on the front like “the bags under my eyes are Prada.” So designers are still making a bold statement but now with bigger and bolder embellishments. I found this particular sweater from Macy’s for $15. It has these somewhat star-shaped gold and clear crystals throughout the piece with these pretty pearl accents. I gave the look a dressier feel by tucking the sweater into a black pencil skirt. You can wear this out to a fancy dinner with friends or swap out the heels for flats for a more comfortable office look.

2. I like to call this second look fashion made easy. The embellished neckpiece is attached to this grey long sleeve shirt. We’re seeing a lot of “bib necklaces” this fall, which is style of necklace that takes up a huge section of the chest and thus looks like a baby’s bib. I love how the top does all the work for you because everything is attached to this one piece! I found this cozy, long sleeve from Macy’s for $20. I gave it a more edgy feel with the pleather pants, and of course pleather is always big in the fall and winter months.

3. Also trending for fall are dark and light grey colors. But white, surprisingly, is also popular for this fall. We think of white as a summer color but our last look can get away with white because it’s paired with these light grey tones throughout the shift dress. I found this piece from Macy’s for $15 and gave it the pop of bling that it needed with a bold statement necklace. Plus, it wouldn’t quite be fall without a pair of ankle booties, so I had to add those to finish off the look.

Vests, Jackets, Coats, Oh My!

Jackets and coats are staple items for fall. Unfortunately for us Arizonans, that little breeze we’re starting to feel at night does not mean we need that heavy jacket quite yet. So our next few looks can help us with that.

4. The military-inspired vest is perfect for fall, especially here in Arizona. I found this from American Eagle and paired it with a sheer white blouse underneath. We see the vest being worn throughout fall because it does two wonderful things for us. It’s loosely fitted but it’s also structured. So we can be both comfortable and still look put together. A little sparkle never hurts, so the addition of a statement necklace gives this more causal look the bling that it needs.

5. If you’re looking to wear a jacket more formally, this second look is perfect! Popular for fall are cape jackets. This is from Nordstrom and it’s a combination of the cape jacket and a roomy jacket. I just like to call it the “Pink Ladies” jacket because it reminds me of the jackets in Grease that the “Pink Ladies” wore. But this is a more updated, edgier version with the gold button embellishments, the gold zippers and these fun pockets. Now depending on the occasion, you could pair this sheer peach jacket with pants but I went for a dressier feel with the little black dress underneath and strappy black heels.

6. Now for our last look, I’ve always wanted to wear one in the fall in Arizona but it never gets that cold! It’s the beloved trench coat—usually a very heavy material. Luckily there is a solution for us! It’s the sheer trench coat. These are definitely popular for fall. It’s such an elegant piece that you can wear to a more formal outing or to a classy dinner with friends. I found this from Nordstrom and paired it with this beautiful silk black dress underneath (from Macy’s).