Your Life A to Z Recipe: Tuesday, August 12th, 2014: Health Snacks

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Basic Chia Seed Pudding – Tasty snack that keeps you satisfied
Chia (meaning "strength" in Mayan) is an excellent source of protein, omega 3's, soluble fiber,
antioxidants, and minerals. Chia is rich in magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins E,
D and B. They also contain boron, which aids in the absorption of calcium
Chia seeds are known for being energy and endurance enhancing, as well as helping to prolong
hydration and retain electrolytes - making them the perfect food for athletes.
Other benefits include improved digestion, decreased blood sugar, and decreased inflammation.
2 Tbsp Chia seeds
2 Tbsp Protein Powder (vanilla, chocolate, apple pie)
¼ Cup water or milk (coconut or almond)
Chia is pretty much tasteless, so you can add it to anything without
worrying too much about interfering flavors. You can also experiment by
adding almond butter, raw cacao powder, honey, vanilla bean, banana,
coconut, cinnamon, or other spices.
Place the chia seeds in a container, and pour in 1/4 cup of water. Stir for a
minute or two to prevent clumping, and watch as it thickens up into a gel. Add
up to ¼ cup more liquid, until the gel reaches the desired consistency.
Suggested Remixes and Additions:
Blueberry or banana – Blend all mixture besides chia and then add after
Add Vegetable juice (carrot based) to chia seed and use the chia seeds to absorb more nutrients

Butterfinger (5 minute version)
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
5 oz w/ or without skin Sweet Potato
2 tbsp Cacao nibs (optional)
Tools recommended (not needed): Food processor
Bake or heat sweet potato until soft add to bowl. Add the protein powder,
chia seeds, peanut butter, and coconut mil mix up in a bowl and enjoy
Quick version: Use a fork or a knife to cut slices in sweet potato, wrap
In paper towel and microwave for 4 minutes
Great for good carbs – Easy to make a large batch and portion up.
This size makes: Calories 420 gr, Protein 33gr Fat 17gr (good), carbs 32 gr, fiber 9 gr

Place Seeds and nuts in food processor along with Protein Powder, blend until a ground powder like mix is created. Add
chopped dates,. Mix into puree and add warm/softened coconut oil, mix more and add green tea until you get a moist cookie
dough like consistency. Remove, place on parchment paper. Flatten out, wrap, and set in freezer for 2 hours. Bars will continue
to solidify if left in fridge for a few more hours following the freezer. Once you remove, cut into desired shape and wrap.
Coconut oil softens above 76 degrees and solidifies below that, this creates the bonding mixed with the dates.
Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days
Suggested remix:
Add Kale, carrots, and/or sweet potato at the beginning to chop up as small as possible. Although Kale is is great for you
sometimes the sight or texture might rob you of the full pleasure that you can get out of these bars. Sweetness over powers
and you can’t notice the vegetables – great for kids
This bar is great because it is customized based on exactly what I want for recovery. Loaded with anti-inflammatory
ingredients that are real with real enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, protein, fiber, omega-3’s, and complex carbohydrates.
Although there is some natural occurring sugar in this bar – the fiber, protein, and healthy fat will blunt the effect of the sugar
and provide sustained energy.

Cherry Bomb – Anti-inflammatory-recovery fuel
Makes 8 Bars
¼ Cup Dates (pitted)
¼ Cup dried Cherries (unsweetened)
1 Scoop Vanilla Pea Protein
2 Tablespoons Almond Butter
2 Tablespoons Chia Seed
2 Tablespoons Hemp Seed
Tsp. Cinnamon
Tsp. Turmeric
Tbsp. Coconut oil
2 oz. Green Tea (brewed)

Mocha Frosting
2 Tbsp Chocolate protein
1 oz espresso
¼ Cup Coconut milk
Chocolate liquid stevia to taste
Mix into puree
Use with: Pancakes, oatmeal, granola
Vanilla frosting
2 Tbsp vanilla protein
1 Tbsp Almond butter
¼ Cup coconut or almond milk
½ Tsp Cinnamon
Almond butter can be substituted with coconut butter
Directions: Best mixed in small handheld blender like nutribullet
Use with: Pancakes, apples, carrots, oatmeal, granola, waffles
Chocolate frosting
2 Tbsp Chocolate protein
1 tbsp coconut butter
1 tbsp Maca
1 tbsp cacao powder
Chocolate stevia to taste
Mix into puree – ideally with a small mixer
Use with: Pancakes, oatmeal, granola
In the bowl of a blender or food processor, blend avocado until smooth. Add all
other ingredients, blending until mixture is uniform. Ideally Chill for about 2 hours
in the fridge or half an hour in the freezer. Garnish with fresh fruit or chopped
This is low sugar, high fiber, high protein, with healthy fats to create a healthy blood sugar
response. Thus keeping you satisfied while tasting like a dessert.
Consistency and sweetness is key – Add-in until you get it right. Thicker and concentrated
tastes better than diluted and watered down.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse
great for breakfast, snack, or dessert
Place ingredients in small blender like Nutribullet or Vitamix
4 oz Almond milk
1 Avocado (texture of banana with more nutrition and less sugar)
1 Tbsp of Coconut butter OR nut butter
2 Tbsp Cacao
2-3 Dates pitted and blended up (sub for stevia or natural sweetener for lower
2 Tbsp Chocolate Pea Protein
3-4 ice cubes
In the bowl of a blender or food processor, blend avocado until smooth. Add all
other ingredients, blending until mixture is uniform. Ideally Chill for about 2
hours in the fridge or half an hour in the freezer. Garnish with fresh fruit or
chopped nuts


Paleo Butter and Jelly Pancake

Single serving: 1 large pancake or 2 small (6-10 minutes)
Don’t grow up. Keep eating what you love and makes you feel happy. Peanut and jelly makes me happy.
1 Scoop Vanilla Pea Protein (1/4 Cup)
2 Eggs (or sub with “chia egg”)
1 Tablespoon Coconut Butter
1 Tablespoon Almond Butter
2 Tablespoons Flaxseed (or chia)
Dash of Sea Salt
Dash of Cinnamon
For “Blueberry Chia Jelly”
½ Cup Blueberries
¼ Cup Green Tea or Coconut milk
1-2 Dates pitted (sub with 1 Tbsp Coconut sugar if
Tablespoon Vanilla Protein
2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
Mix all ingredients minus the chia in small blender
and add chia at the end. Stir in and let set for the
chia to absorb and expand.
Prepare “Jelly” to begin as it takes about 5 minutes to set. Combine the wed ingredients in a small bowl, food processor, or
small blender. Mix together and then add the rest of the ingredients.
For pancake: Mix ingredients ideally in a small mixer – Consistency should be thick, add an additional egg white or Almond milk if
you need more liquid.
Preheat a pan at medium heat and coat with coconut oil (tsp)
(Begin with smaller pancakes 3” in diameter)
Let cook for 3-4 minutes and use the bottom of spatula to check if pancake is turning golden brown.
When ready, flip over and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.
Serve topped with Tbsp almond butter and then “jelly” mixture
Suggested Remixes and Additions:
Blueberries for strawberries (or both)
Higher carb oat lover version – Swap oats for a mix of Flax and coconut flour
Add Maca powder (healthy hormone booster)
Add Bee Pollen into jelly (immune, amino acids, allergy relief)
Sub Almond butter for another nut butter like cashew,