Life or death: Penalty phase begins for convicted cop killer

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX (AP) -- The penalty phase is now underway in the trial of an Arizona man convicted of murder in the 2007 shooting of a Glendale police officer.
A jury last month determined that 40-year-old Bryan Wayne Hulsey qualifies for the death penalty in the shooting death of 24-year-old Officer Anthony Holly.
Jurors are considering whether to sentence Hulsey to death or life in prison.
Hulsey was a passenger in the vehicle that had been pulled over for speeding and not having a license plate. 
Holly was there to serve as backup to another officer who made the traffic stop. 
Prosecutors say Hulsey exited the vehicle and fired two shots, one of which hit Holly.

Defense attorneys argue Holly was unintentionally shot by the officer who made the stop.

Holly's parents spoke out in court Monday. Holly's mother Nancy Bonner told the jury that her son brightened her every day. "He was kind, he was smart, funny, silly, and now everything is different," she said.

During her statement to jurors, Bonner showed them photos of her son, and said the endless heartache of losing him causes her physical pain.

"My sleep is filled with visions of Tony being killed," Bonner said in court. "Wondering what was it like. Wondering what he was thinking. Was he thinking of me? Thinking of his beautiful girlfriend? Brother Jim? His family? What was he hearing? Did he hear his own blood gurgling in his throat? The other officers crying over him? What did he know? What did he see? It's there all the time."

Hulsey's family members are also expected to speak out in court