Fedora frenzy! Hats off to popular trend

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Hats can say so much about your personal style. And right now we're seeing a fedora frenzy.

Tess Rafols took us to Heritage Hats, a north Phoenix business that's been around more than 30 years. The store offers 3,200 square feet of hats.

Owner Rich Glisson says customers can browse thousands of hats. Fedoras are a hot seller right now, and he credits movies and TV shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men with helping boost the fedora's popularity.

"I think it's because of the new TV shows. I think some of the young rock stars are wearing the fedoras, so all the young people are into it. Men and women," says Glisson.

The store features a large selection of westerns, fedoras, panamas, Australians and a variety of caps and other hats including the Kangol, pork pie, derby and top hats. They also carry a large variety of flat style hats.

Hats provide protection against skin cancer, so the store carries brands that offer a UPF of 50+ and have a 5" brim for added protection.

Fedoras are the big seller, though, and they are flying off the shelves so quickly, hat makers are backed up about 10-12 weeks.

Panama hats are also a big trend at Heritage. "Panamas are always handmade," explains Glisson. "They're always made in Ecuador. They range $100 at the low end up to $5,000."

For more information visit www.heritagehatshop.com.