Into the Storm: Prepare to be blown away!

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Into the Storm:  Prepare to be blown away!

“Into the Storm” wastes no time getting your heart pumping.  But after briefly dipping its toe into devastation, it quickly backs off to set the stage for impending disaster.  We are introduced to the various characters we will follow:  a storm chasing crew with an obsessed leader, a dysfunctional family and some good ol’ boys who use their few brain cells to come up with jackass type videos for YouTube. 

None of them are impressive and it all feels forced.  The other thing that annoyed me was the over use of hand held video.  From a school assignment to make videos for a time capsule to the YouTubers, it all seems like an excuse to use nauseating shaky imagery.

Then things start to change.  As the action ramps up, so does your investment in the characters.  And what action!  Storm after storm pummels a town and you are along for a ride that makes “Twister” look like an Arizona microburst!  And while you know darn well that it is all masterful CGI, it looks so real it is hard to believe it isn’t.

The best parts are the scares you don’t even see coming, of which there are plenty.  And one scene in particular will take your breath away in an awe inspiring moment that quickly turns to dread, fear and ultimately sadness.

But the fun that is “Into the Storm” doesn’t stop with the incredible visuals.  Audio is key here.  I had the fortune to view this movie at Harkins Tempe Marketplace Cine Capri.  It was my first time to experience their new kick butt audio system Dolby Atmos.   The system has speakers lining the ceiling of the entire theater, literally enveloping the audience in brilliant sound.  It was awesome!

Though the cast did not ring any bells with their names, they are familiar faces mostly from TV appearances.  So even if they seemed like a cast of unknowns they really were just unknown to me and boy did they deliver!

It took Hollywood all the way to August to finally give us a summer blockbuster thrill ride but it has really scored with “Into the Storm”.  It is a movie you must see on the big screen.  Just hold onto your popcorn it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

“Into the Storm” captures 3&1/2 Red Vines for being so much fun


A preview of this movie was provided to me by the studios but it in no way affects my unbiased review.