3OYS: Traveling couple troubled by 'travel insurance'

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Mohamed and Lynn Khalil say one of the things that keeps their marriage going strong is seeing the world, one country at a time.

“We got married in Jamaica and we love the Caribbean, so we go there as much as we possibly can," Mohamed Khalil said. “We love traveling. It's something that we enjoy."

And one place they wanted to go to was Spain.  

They got out their computer and went to Priceline.com. They used the "name your own price" feature, where you can plug in how much you want to spend and the website either accepts or rejects your offer.

“I put in an amount that I thought was fair,” Lynn Khalil said.

That price was around $780 per person, which came to just over $1,600 total.

But they also purchased airline ticket travel insurance, which helps to refund your money in case you can't make your trip.

And something did happen: Mohamed Khalil was laid off.

“It was one of these things where you're not getting your paycheck tomorrow,” he said.

The Khalils submitted their paperwork to get their $1,600 back but were denied. According to the denial letter, Mohamed Khalil needed to have been employed with the company for three years prior to the termination.

He said he hadn't been employed with the company that long but regardless, that little three-year exclusion was news to him.

“It doesn't say that, 'Wait, if we're going to protect you from income loss, you have to be working there for three years and you've got to get a letter from the employer.’ There was nothing along these lines at all," he said.

Not wanting to lose $1,600, the couple got a hold of 3 On Your Side. We asked Priceline.com to look into the matter. The company did and eventually decided to refund the Khalils the entire amount.

Mohamed Khalil and his wife are thrilled and say they couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side.

“Gary, thank you so much. You’re the man!" he said.