Can your business foster a furry feline? Check out 'Kitty in The City' program

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Calling a few good business owners who love cats! A new program to help homeless pets is just getting off the ground, and business owners are needed to help foster a few felines.

It's called the "Kitty in The City" program, and asks Valley businesses to temporarily take in homeless kitties.

"We're looking for local business owners who might be willing to act as a foster home business," says Emily Sinur with AAWL. "Take in the cats and give them a break from the shelter."

The Kitty in the City program is just getting off the ground, is sponsored by the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA. The program will not only help homeless animals in the community, but can provide great marketing opportunities for businesses.

The AAWL sometimes has cats that become stressed or uncomfortable in the shelter environment. AAWL strives to create a place that allows each cat to feel welcome and safe, but experts agree that the best place for a cat is in a loving home, or a loving shop.

By taking part in the program, business owners can help:

-Lower the feline euthanasia rate in Maricopa County
-Increase adoptions
-Attract new customers and create repeat customers

Although this program is the first of its kind in Arizona, similar programs have seen success in other states.

Here's how it works. A representative from the AAWL will come to your business with a catalog of their “kitties in the city” for you to look over.  After your selection, the AAWL will bring you food, litter, and a cat condo, along with your newly selected furry friend or friends. If needed, they will provide your business with free litter and food for the entire time the kitty is staying with you. The cat in your shop will lead a happier life and be given a chance at a better life.

If you can't accommodate a live cat, you can also help by sponsoring a virtual cat. For businesses that want to help but feel that they can't provide a suitable environment for a cat, AAWL will help you sponsor a "virtual cat."

For more information, contact the AAWL.