Phoenix weather: Monsoon break continues

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- A dry, southwesterly flow in the upper atmosphere continues to push monsoonal moisture to the east of Arizona. As a result, Wednesday was another day with essentially no rain in Arizona.

Even during monsoon breaks, it’s pretty unusual not to see a little bit of thunderstorm action in the eastern mountains or in southeast Arizona.

It looks like the dry weather pattern will hold through the end of the week and most likely the weekend for metro Phoenix. While we will see moisture levels starting to return by the weekend, we don’t anticipate a chance for thunderstorms until sometime early next week and even then, the chances are limited at this point.

High temperatures around metro Phoenix through the weekend will be in the 102-106 degree range. That’s pretty average for this time of year. Overnight lows will generally be in the low 80s.