Your Life A to Z Recipe: Thursday, August 7th, 2014: Yaki Niku Udon

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Yaki Niku Udon
Serving size 4

1 lb      Ground Pork
4          Shiitake mushrooms (if dry place in a bowl of water to soften)
4 oz     Ginger (peeled and chopped small)
1         Green onion
1 tsp    Red pepper
1 tsp    Salt
1 tbsp  Cooking oil
2 tbsp  Sesame seed oil
1 tbsp  Soy sauce
24 oz   Udon noodle

Place ground pork into a large bowl and salt.  Chop mushrooms into small pieces, peel ginger and chop into
small pieces, slice green onions into thin circle slices and set aside in separate bowls.

Fill a large stock pot with water, set stove to high heat and wait until the water is boiling.  Once boiling place noodles into
stock pot for 8-10 minutes.  Noodles should be firm after cooking. Cool noodles in a calonder, run cool water over the top of the noodles to stop cooking.  

While cooking noodles place a large skillet on med-high heat on the stove add your cooking
oil to the not yet hot pan.  When the pan becomes hot place the pork into the pan to brown.  Once cooked place into a bowl
and set aside.  In the same pan place your chopped ginger and mushrooms into the pan and brown 6-8 minutes.Add pork
back into the large skillet and keep warm.

In a small mixing bowl add sesame seed oil, soy sauce and red peppers together. This mixture will be a sauce to top
your noodles.

Place your cooked noodles onto a plate, top with the ground pork mixture and dress with sauce to taste!