Diamondbacks being called "dirtiest" baseball team

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The home team is gaining a reputation for playing dirty. One national sportswriter called Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson "a meat head." And those who subscribe to the "Dirty D-backs" idea say the incident in question Saturday night is one example of many.

During Saturday's game, a Pirate's player was hit by a ball going 95 miles an hour. Many fans told 3TV they fully support the play and said it's just part of baseball.

The Diamondbacks are now under national scrutiny after the pitch by Randall Delgado. Pirates player McCutchen was hit in the middle of his back and wound up leaving the game after suffering a fractured rib, and is now expected to now be out a month. Delgado was ejected from the game.

The play, some argue, was in retaliation for the Pirates hitting D-Backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt the day before. "They were just doing what's supposed to happen in baseball," said Dan Juan Rodriguez "There's the unwritten rule that everyone knows, you hit one of your guys, you basically stand up for your guys and that's what was happening."

"The Pittsburgh Pirates are not very friendly with hitting a couple of our players as well," said another fan, Bobby Burke. "So it's kind of interesting that they're calling us the dirtiest team when they're throwing at players like everyone else."

D-Backs chief baseball officer Tony La Russa thinks his team is getting a bad rap from the national media and defends the play.