"Kids Moving Out"

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Was it hard for you when the kids moved out?  
 It was horrific for me.  My son moved clear across the country to Boston.  I cried for days.  When my daughter asked if I was ever going to get over it I said, "I'm just not going to have any fun anymore."  She looked at me and said "what am I, a potted plant?"   We both had a good laugh and from then on I put it into perspective.
Was it hard for them?  
I think they have "lonely" times or when they hear things that are fun are going on, that they can't be part of it's rough.  At first he came home 4-5 times a year.  Now it's once if I'm lucky.

What did you do to help ease the transition?  
We brought him home as often as finances would allow.  We skype and I still talk to him by phone almost every day.  He always wants to be home at Christmas and wants me to be in Boston for his birthday.  I went last year but wasn't able to make it this year.  We also had some family in Boston so I made sure he was comfortable calling them when he needed immediate help and encouraged him to get-to-know his neighbors.  The first time he was "really" sick it was awful to be so far away.  A few months ago he hurt his back really bad and was really struggling.  I almost hopped a plane but his girlfriend was able to get him to his appointments and such so the torch has been passed!  : )

For the Moms who don’t have kids at home…how did it feel when they were all gone?  
I still have one at home but she's getting ready to leave now.  Though it's easier because she'll still be in town, we had our "cry" session the other day because it won't be the same.