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ICE BlackBox Phone App
A division of the National Sheriffs' Association has partnered with a company called "ICE BlackBox," to provide a ground-breaking app that turns your smartphone into a surveillance camera. Designed to decrease law enforcement response time, and increase the amount of information a deputy can obtain before reaching a scene, NSA/ICE BlackBox has quickly become new eyes and ears on the street.
Here's how it works:  The app communicates with the ICE BlackBox Portal.  The portal includes a map of a designated area, and its purpose is to help local law enforcement and community watch groups view all recordings within that chosen area. When an individual opens the ICE BlackBox app on his/her phone and records and emergency incident, an icon is tagged on the portal map to indicate the incident location. After the icon appears on the portal, law enforcement or neighborhood watch captains can click on the portal icon to view the incident recording. They can then determine the gravity of the incident, and if necessary, send a deputy to the location within seconds.
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Century Link Launches New Service
CenturyLink launches 1 gigabit fiber service for Phoenix business customers. As of August 18, a symmetrical fiber-based Internet and data connection speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) for a significant percentage of Metro Phoenix businesses as part of a fiber network infrastructure expansion announced today in 16 cities.  
Fairness & Justice For Trans People
Student and activist Monica Jones and her attorneys, with support from actress Laverne Cox, will file an appeal Tuesday of her conviction under Phoenix's "manifesting" prostitution ordinance.
Tuesday, August 5, 1:00 p.m. 
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