Tempe apartment trees knocked down during storm

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Several trees were knocked down at an apartment complex Sunday evening.

One of them even fell into the swimming pool while people were swimming.

It happened at the Villa Tree Apartments near Price and Broadway roads.

Matt Cady and Kevin Gatcombe were in the pool area when it happened.

"We were swimming in the pool. It was just sprinkling lightly, and there was some wind but we thought it was going away," said Cady. "Next thing we knew there was a big wind that burst through the complex. I was actually out of the pool. My friends were in the pool, and I thought there was a branch hitting me, so I just put my arm like that; next thing I knew, I was surrounded by this tree."

Cady says it happened very fast.

"I heard crackling, and then I felt a branch hit me so I just put my arm up. I was like five feet away from the tree, so I was lucky to get out of there," said Cady.

Gatcombe said his girlfriend was in the pool with him when the tree fell.

"It was drizzling just a little bit, and all of a sudden the rain went sideways. I grabbed my girlfriend, put her to the side of the pool, ducked her down, and the tree fell on us luckily my finger broke the fall of the tree; but it's alright she's okay," said Gatcombe.

They said paramedics checked them out, but no one was seriously injured.

Gatcombe and Cady said there was another woman in the pool. She was hit by the tree, but wasn’t seriously injured either.