3OYS UPDATE: Hairdressing students get help from competing school

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PEORIA, Ariz. -- "When I saw it, I actually sat up in my bed." Our 3 Our Your Side report about the sudden closing of Brillare Hairdressing Academy struck a chord with Tammy Fuller.

"It just really moved me, so I woke up and sent you guys an email," she said. "We have the room. We have the means. We’re fully equipped. Let's see what we can do to get these students in here."

Fuller owns Kor Beauty Academy, a school where you can earn a degree in about a year for around $15,000. However, many students who attended the now defunct Brillare Hairdressing Academy will be able to transfer to Kor Beauty Academy with little or no tuition money at all.

"If they have 100 hours or less, we will not charge them anything as far as tuition base to go to school," Fuller said.

According to Fuller, the academy has space right now to take in 30 additional students.

"If they already have their kits and they already have their books, the only out of pocket cost is they will have is their registration fee and enrollment fee, which is $350 and it's nonrefundable," she said.

That's great news for students who attended Brillare and paid thousands of dollars up front only to have the school shut down before they earned their degrees.

Many of those students expressed outrage when Brillare closed up

"Bull sh--! Excuse my language. Bull sh--! Where's our money?" one student said.

With all their money gone, some of it from loans, students didn't know what to do.

Many say being able to basically transfer to a competing school for little or no money to finish their degrees is helpful.

Fuller said she’s glad to help. "I’m here as a cosmetology school owner, a 25-year vet as a cosmetologist, and I know our industry has so much to give back, so I just wanted to help out."