Phoenix couple ties knot in superhero-themed wedding

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- While some brides and grooms like to keep their weddings on the traditional side, the trend these days is for couples to do something memorable and over-the-top!

That's just what one Phoenix couple did when they tied the knot during a superhero-themed wedding!

Devan and Reinesha Perkins got married at the Chapel at the Farm in Gilbert. But their nuptials were anything but ordinary.

The bride wore some Wonder Woman attire, and the groom donned a Superman outfit. The couple even had a Superman cake!

There is a meaning behind it. Devan calls Reinesha his "Wonder Woman" because when they met, she was a busy, single mother who never seemed to get tired. Reinesha said Devan is her "Superman" for being selfless, giving and a helper.

"Our family knows that this is what we like and this is what we call each other," says Reinesha. "He's a huge comic book fan. I'm a huge Superman fan, Wonder Woman fan. So that kind of fueled our relationship to go further."

"We wanted something small; intimate. She found the Chapel at the Farm in Gilbert," says Devan. "And Superman was raised on a farm. So it was fitting that it all fell together that way."

The couple also has children. They say the kids love the "superhero" idea, too! "They believe we are parents by day, and superheros by night," says Reinesha. "So they really believe that we go out and save the world while they are sleeping."