ASU bans tailgating with kegs around stadium

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- Kegs will no longer be part of the tailgating scene at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Arizona State University and ASU Athletics announced in a statement Thursday that kegs and any apparatuses that encourage "reckless consumption of alcoholic beverages" will be banned from certain parking lots.

"We've prohibited kegs. We want to make sure we don't encourage any type of atmosphere where there's reckless consumption of alcohol," said Maggie Emmons with Sun Devil Athletics.

Games such as beer pong or flip cup as well as devices such as beer bongs will be prohibited.

"Drinking games where you're encouraged to chug your drink, any kind of apparatus that enables you to drink alcohol like beer bongs, all of those things have been discouraged and prohibited," said Emmons.

"I think it takes all the fun out of tailgating to be honest with you," said tailgater Angelo Mutia.

"That's the whole reason to go. Eat, drink do whatever before the game so I would be disappointed,” said Jamie Cochian, an ASU student.

School officials said the restrictions are being put in place because of safety concerns.

"We want to cut down on instances of underage drinking or instances of reckless consumption where there might be issues where people drink too much," said Emmons.

The changes were recommended by the statewide Student Safety Task Force and approved by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Tempe and campus police will enforce the new tailgating restrictions.

ASU football game attendees typically tailgate in the parking lots surrounding the stadium, which opens up to five hours before game time.

The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University already enforce the same policy.

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