Horne files restraining order against Montgomery

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Republican rivals are getting personal in the weeks leading up to the primary election.

Now, a major state official has filed a restraining order against a fellow conservative.

The bad blood between Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is well-known and well-documented, but things were brought to a new level this week as Horne filed a restraining order against Montgomery.

Montgomery is actively campaigning against Horne, taking part in several commercials for Horne's opponent, former state gaming director Mark Brnovich.

At the same time, Montgomery's office is investigating Horne for accusations of election law violations.

A former staffer in the AG's office said Horne had them illegally working on his re-election campaign, planning and fundraising, while on state time.

"At this point, it certainly is very clear that this is someone who assumed an office that he was unfit for," Montgomery said.
Because Montgomery has been so outspoken and actively trying to unseat the attorney general, Horne filed a restraining order, telling a judge it's a "conflict of interest" for Montgomery to be able to investigate him.

"Well, Montgomery is a political enemy of me," Horne said. "He's been supporting my opponent, opposing me. It's fundamental that you don't start an investigation of a political opponent.  You refer it out." 

Montgomery said he is not personally taking part in the investigation into Horne but maintains his office has jurisdiction to do so.


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