Man arrested in shooting outside Phoenix grocery store

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Jevert Worthy By Jennifer Thomas Jevert Worthy By Jennifer Thomas
By Shawn Thompson By Shawn Thompson
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Gunshots rang out outside a Fry's grocery store at 19th and Glendale avenues Sunday evening.

It was a scary moment for those doing their grocery shopping.

Phoenix police said an altercation occurred at the entrance of the store where the suspect fired multiple shots at two males, striking one.

"I’m sitting here trying to go grocery shopping for the week, and this is what happens," Matt Glover said.

He said he was just 10 feet away from the shooting.

"About three shots went off," Glover said.
Hector said he saw it, too.

"Ten feet in front of us there were these two black males fighting with each other verbally,” he said.

A third man joined the pair, according to Glover.

"Another black gentleman ran behind me, punched one of the guys and then gunshots went off,” he said.

A bullet hole can be seen in the store's window, but police said the bullet did not go through into the store.

"This other guy comes out to support his other friend, I guess, and he pulls out his pistol and starts shooting at this guy; and then they just ran off," Hector said.

Hector said he called 911.

"It was pretty scary. It was literally about 10 feet away from us, and I was kind of panicking after that," he said.

Glover said he saw the men as they scattered.

"Two guys walked out that way, and the other gentleman who was the aggressor jumped into a car," Glover said.

Police said a 20-year-old man was shot in the upper body, but the suspect missed the other man.

The victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover.

Police said they found the suspect, Jevert Worthy, 21, about two miles away from the store.

Worthy was booked on charges of aggravated assault and Shannon's Law violation.