How to deck out your student's dorm room

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Preparing for college is a must, whether you are planning to live on or off campus.

Michelle Moniasque of Bed Bath & Beyond® explained how the store provides students and parents with the solutions, tools and products they need while creating an easy and fun shopping experience.

College shoppers can team up with knowledgeable experts to navigate the wide assortment of stylish and practical products to help students create a personalized, comfortable, and enjoyable space within their budget.

Moniasque put together a mock dorm room in 3TV's studio to show Tess Rafols some of the options that are available. She also shared several practical tips.

Get the scoop on your school rules

To avoid any unwelcome surprises on move-in day, learn your school-specific rules before shopping. From microwaves to coffeemakers, our School Information Pages provide customized lists of what students can and cannot bring for thousands of schools across the country. These pages can be accessed in-store with an associate, or online at under "Find My College". The School Information Page also shows the closest Bed Bath & Beyond to your school.

Use the shopping guide & checklist

Whether living on or off campus, stay organized and on budget by using a checklist. Bed Bath & Beyond offers a College Shopping Guide & Checklist in all stores and online, with lists of essential gear for living on campus and for moving into an apartment. It breaks down all the basics students need to bring for their new life at college: comfortable and stylish bedding, space-maximizing organization solutions, shared bathroom necessities, study tools, laundry gear, and must-haves for decorating and relaxing in their new digs.

Create a college registry

Students can share their decorating and college essentials wish list with family and friends by creating an online registry. A registry makes a great resource for family and friends who are choosing graduation and/or going off to college gifts. Students can also use their registry to share what they're bringing to school with their roommate(s).

Meet the roomie

Once students receive their housing assignment, they should connect with their future roommate(s) to finalize room decisions. To avoid duplication, decide ahead of time which items to share, like a coffeemaker or TV, and whether students want to coordinate décor.

Pack & hold

Bed Bath & Beyond has a great free in-store service, Pack & Hold®, to help students and parents easily get their stuff to college. The service is especially beneficial for students traveling to school far away from home. Students can select all their dorm room essentials at a store near home and have everything ready to pick up for purchase at a store near campus. Did we mention it's FREE?

Style & Solution Survival 102

Wake Up:
· The bed is pretty much the center of a student's life in a dorm room. It is the biggest and most important décor statement and where students spend the majority of their time studying, eating and, of course, sleeping. Bed Bath & Beyond has a wide assortment of bedding styles and complete bed kits with coordinating pillows and sheets available at our everyday low prices.

· Bed Bath & Beyond has grouped all the dorm bed essentials together for you in one easy package with our new Campus Collections! Campus Collections offer a coordinated look for the bed and room that includes comfort, style and utility.

View the collection at

· Dorm room mattresses are often thin and provide little to no support. Make your bed better by adding a layer of comfort and support with a memory foam topper or fiber bed.

· Choose a mattress protector that protects the mattress against bed bugs and allergens, like the Sleep Safe® Premium Bed Bug Mattress Protector.

· The mattresses in most dorms require twin extra-long (TXL) sheets. Students can choose from cotton and alternative fabrics in a variety of colors, styles and price points.

Get Ready:
· Students will most likely be sharing a tiny room with someone else, so maximizing your space is a must! Luckily, there are some great ways to create more room by using storage and organizational items under the bed, over the door and in the closet. Over the door is a great way to free up floor space with a shoe rack, cap storage, an extra closet rod, a mirror or a hamper.

· The Cube Grid and Rolling Carts with Drawers are stylish and simple ways to organize belongings, and they add a fun splash of color.

· Closet or wardrobe space can get tight and may be less than what you're used to having. Real Simple® Slimline Flocked Hangers allow students to hang more clothing per unit of space and double-hang closet rods and sweater organizers will add extra room for clothes in the closet.

· Utilize multi-functional Bed Risers that have an AC outlet and USB charger to maximize the under-bed space while also providing a grounded charging station.

Hang Out:
· Make your dorm room feel like home by creating a cozy atmosphere infused with personal style. Add an area rug and throw blanket for extra warmth, or add accents like a cool side table and colorful throw pillows.

· Extra seating in a dorm room is important for study groups or hanging out, so bring in functional and stylish seating like the Bunjo® Oversized Bungee Chair or Sound Lounge Speaker Ottoman.

· Decorate the walls with Dry Erase Message Board Decals, inspirational artwork or the HangIt Photo Display decorated with photos of family and friends from home.

· Students can wirelessly stream music, listen to the radio, set an alarm for class or charge their devices with the iHome® Clock Radio.

· The Lap Lite™ Bungee Lap Desk conforms to your lap and keeps you cool as you stay connected online or type up a paper.

· With lots of devices to plug-in, students need more than just an outlet. Protect electrical devices and power up with the Mobile Power Surge Protector, offering a USB and rotating outlets to fit larger plugs.

· Brighten the place up and re-charge with the Functional Organizer Desk Lamp. The USB port charges tablets and other devices and the base features compartments to organize school supplies.