3OYS: Unlicensed contractor takes $1,600 from Goodyear couple


For Bryan and Gina Bonilla, there's never a dull moment.

The couple has three kids, and Gina Bonilla is pregnant with twins. But before she gives birth, a top priority is to replace the home's orignial carpeting.

"Right here, do you see all these little spots? That's where my 2-year-old gets the toothpaste and he splatters the toothpaste all over the floor. He's even done it on the walls," she said.

But installing new carpeting is expensive. The Bonillas have gotten a few estimates and didn't like what they were hearing.

"We were getting quoted about $4,000," Gina Bonilla claimed.

So, back in April, they came across a man named Henry "Hank" Salcido, who had quite a deal for this budget-conscious family.
"We had a $2,000 budget and he said, 'OK, I'll help you. We can do it. We'll figure it out,' " Gina Bonilla recalled.

According to an invoice the couple received, Salcido runs a business called Southwest Flooring, and he agreed to install carpeting for the family for around $2,200.

That's when Salcido demanded and received $1,600 in cash up front to get the job started.

"Well, he just said, 'I need $1,600 from you today so that I can get the stuff. Once I get the stuff, I'll bring it back and you won't owe the balance until the job is complete,' " Bryan Bonilla said.

That was in April, and Salcido hasn't started the job.

After 3 On Your side got involved, it was time to go knocking on doors to find out what he did with the money. We found the unlicensed contractor relaxing in his Peoria home.

He told 3 On Your Side that times are tough and he used the money the Bonillas gave him to keep things going.

He admitted he put the money toward other projects because the company was "just low on cash."

Salcido told 3 On Your Side that he'll return the $1,600 in two weeks or less, but it's a line unlicensed contractors have used time and time again.

The Bonillas remain angry and upet. With twins on the way, they can't afford to just give away $1,600 and hope Salcido is good on his word.

"The best thing for both of us is just, hey, let's just get my money back, you know. Let's not beat around the bush. Let's just try to get that done," Bryan Bonilla said. "I felt like that's the best way to go about it."