West Valley residents claim water rates are out of control

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Some West Valley residents claim their water rates are out of control.

Many of them showed up for a hearing held by the Arizona Corporation Commission to voice their concerns that their water company, EPCOR, is gouging them. 

They say their water bills have gone up hundreds of dollars all because of redistricting certain neighborhoods, leaving them footing the bill for everyone.

"Our problem is more the waste water system that we have," West Valley resident Regina Stump said. "We're being charged exorbitant fees by, not only EPCOR, but we're put into a group called Agua Fria, which it is a distance away from us, and we have our own waste water plant."
The commission did not order EPCOR to lower its rates, but it is looking at perhaps redrawing the lines to lower how much people are paying.


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