Update: Racy photos removed from website

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- You may recall Lindsey Johnson and the provocative photos she posed for to give to her husband Michael.

In our first 3 On Your Side report, the newlyweds raised a big fuss because several of those pictures had been posted on the Internet by the photographer that took them.

Michael Johnson added, "There was no contract. Never signed any release. No waiver, no contract. Nothing."

Lindsey and her husband said they gave permission for two photos to be used by Lovelee photography and published on the studio's website.

However, the Johnson’s said they had no idea so many racy photos would actually be posted and claim that the studio only posted them because the couple wrote negative reviews about the photography business on the Internet.

Travis Borkenhagen, the photography business owner, said he had every right to post the photos, particularly since the Johnson’s were given a heavily discounted rate. 

"We do actually own the rights to them. We don't need a contract in order to say that we have the copyrights to those photos," explained Borkenhagen.

After the 3 On Your Side report first aired, Borkenhagen had a change of heart and decided to remove the photos from his website. Both sides declined our follow up interview requests, but the Johnson’s said they are glad the photos have been removed.


In another previous 3 On Your Side report, Ruben Macias said he was upset with the United States Postal Service after shipping a vintage guitar to the east coast.

Although he carefully packed the guitar, secured it in a transport box and then put that box in another box, the guitar arrived destroyed.

Macias said, "I took it to the post office and she weighed it. I paid the shipping and I bought the insurance for the $2,400 sale price of the guitar so I bought insurance for that exact that amount”
Macias said the postal service wouldn't pay for the damage because it wasn't carefully packed, an assumption Macias says is absurd because he went overboard protecting it.

Still, after 3 On Your Side report aired the postal service changed its mind and issued Macias a check for just over $2,500.

"Thank you so much for helping me out. Everything began to turn my way when Gary Harper got involved with it, prior to that they were ignoring me," said Macias.