Man blames Cox installer for fall through ceiling

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Carol and Levi Slisz are fitness enthusiasts and lead a very active lifestyle.

"We do a lot of family activities. We like to work out and play sports, go swimming. It's pretty much our whole summer," says Carol.

When they're not on the go, you can usually find them in their living room, a living room that has become a makeshift bedroom for their kids.

"In the meantime we just brought the mattresses in and made a little slumber party in our living room with the mattresses and they're all sleeping out there now," says Carol.

The kids are forced to sleep in the living room after they say a Cox Cable installation went wrong.

How wrong? Well, a gaping hole in kids' bedroom pretty much says it all.

"Behind here you can see it goes right to the attic and all the insulation is covered everywhere. And it goes right into the attic coming in from outside for all the heat to come in."

Levi says the hole in the ceiling along with all the mess happened when a Cox Cable installer was in their house and asked Levi to follow him into the attic to hold some wiring for him.

"He just made it seem like it was normal. Like we could just walk through there and everything seemed real safe and we were supposed to be up there and he handed me the wires to hold," said Levi.

That's when disaster struck.

"Yeah. I was just taking a step and the next thing you know just bam. The whole roof just caved in and I fell through. And I didn't know where I was," says Levi.

Levi had crashed through the ceiling and landed on top of his children who were sleeping in their bed.

"I just couldn't even believe what happened. It almost just didn't seem real because everyone is just screaming and I was just more terrified than anything just trying to make sure everyone was okay," says Carol.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the fall, but the kids' bedroom was in complete shambles.

"This dirt and insulation up here it was literally up to here on the floor about two feet of insulation all around the bed. The beds were just covered in piles of it," says Carol.

After checking on the kids, the couple noticed the Cox installer had high tailed it out of their home.

So, they contacted Cox Communications to explain the situation and to see what could be done about that gaping hole left in their ceiling.

But after they claim they got the run around from Cox, they contacted 3 On Your Side.

"We just want some answers and we would hope that Cox would take the responsibility to reimburse us for all the damages."

3 On Your Side contacted Cox Cable and after they looked into the matter for us, their version of events is different.

A Cox spokesperson claims Levi took it upon himself to follow the cable installer into the attic, at least that's what the installer told his Cox supervisors.

Because of that, Cox refused to pay for the damages and considered the matter done.

Oh, by the way, they did offer the family about a $200 credit on their bill.

The Slisz say Cox's response is absurd and say they're angry that Cox Communications is not taking responsibility for a dumb mistake made by their contractor.

"It's just disturbing that they would blow off such an issue like this," says Carol.