RVs offer cheaper alternative for family vacations

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

PHOENIX -- RVing can be half as expensive as other kinds of family vacations, but getting into RVs and driving a trailer or motorhome can be overwhelming. 3TV's Tess Rafols and Ryan O'Donnell spoke with Debbie Brunoforte from Little Dealer/Little Prices about taking the first steps into recreational vehicles.

Brunoforte said that travel trailers are the most popular kind of RV, not motorhomes. Many travel trailers can be pulled by small trucks or SUVs, while smaller, pop-up trailers can even be towed by cars. The trailer that Brunoforte showed off had double bunk beds in the back and a larger bed in the front, so a family with two teenagers could travel in it.

Motorhomes aren't quite as popular as travel trailers, but they do get rid of the issue of towing. Some people are concerned about being qualified to drive a large motorhome -- there's no extra certification needed to drive one, but Brunoforte said they can be a little intimidating. Smaller motorhomes known as "crossovers" are available to make maneuvering easier.

Above all, Brunoforte recommended people just have fun with their RVs. Planning a schedule can be great, but make sure to leave enough time for unexpected adventures. Visit GoRVing.com for more information on RVs.