Man arrested for allegedly assaulting Mesa police officer

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Luis Gerardo Mendoza By Christina O'Haver Luis Gerardo Mendoza By Christina O'Haver
Luis Gerardo Mendoza By Christina O'Haver Luis Gerardo Mendoza By Christina O'Haver

MESA, Ariz. -- A Mesa police officer was treated for a minor eye injury after he was reportedly assaulted while on a domestic violence call Wednesday night.

Luis Mendoza, 18, was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault and one count of resisting arrest after allegedly shoving two police officers and kicking one in the face.

The officers responded to a domestic violence call at a home near Country Club Drive and McLellan Road around 10:35 p.m. While the officers were investigating, a car drove up to the home and stopped.

According to police spokeswoman Sgt. Diana Williams, one of several occupants of the car told the officers to move the police car so that they could pull into the driveway of their home next door. The officers told them they would have to wait a few minutes.

According to Williams, a supervisor on scene then noticed there was no room in that driveway for the car, which had a California license plate.

The car drove away, and the occupants reportedly started yelling threatening comments at police from a distance.

Two people got out of the car and were directed by police to go inside their house or leave the area until the investigation was completed. According to Williams, they refused to go inside and one pulled out a cellphone to record the situation.

One person then shined a flashlight, which Williams said affected an officer's night vision. When the officer tried to block the flashlight with his hand, Mendoza allegedly shoved the officers backward and yelled profanities.

While the officers tried to restrain Mendoza, he allegedly kicked one of them in the face. Police used a stun gun to subdue him

Williams said the person who had been walking with Mendoza called for others to come out of the house, but they complied with verbal commands. Police called for backup to restrain the original suspect from the domestic violence call.

Mendoza was treated by Mesa Fire and Medical personnel after the stun gun was deployed, but he had no serious injuries, according to police.