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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Vicki Rainey loves her job as a peer support trainer at the Recovery Opportunity Center, and she says a key to both finding and prospering on that job was going in with a sense of confidence.

“I am not sure where that came along because I wasn't always confident," she said. "I had very low self-esteem. I think it was a lot of the support that I received from the people that were close to me."

Rainey also got some help at Arizona Women’s Education and Employment. CEO Marie Sullivan told 3TV a big part of the mission is helping people find hope.

“As people get further and further into unemployment, they get discouraged; they begin to think, 'No one will ever want to hire me.' The fear factor gets larger," she explained.

Sullivan says counselors at AWEE can help with that, but there are also steps you can take on your own.

“Where do you get your self-esteem? Is it with a group of friends? Is it from your children? Find some place where someone is providing you positive feedback and energy,” she said.

AWEE also helped Rainey with other job-hunting skills such as resume writing, how to interview, and how to account for the time that she was out of work.

Having good interview skills is one of the most important things you will need in the search for a new job, Sullivan says.

“Find a partner -- could be a familial member, could be a best friend -- to do that with. Someone who is going to give you honest feedback, saying you blinked your eyes too many times or you stuttered, or when I asked you the question, 'What is it you really want to do,' you didn't know how to answer me," Sullivan said.

Rainey added, "I think what is important, too, when you interview with a company is to sell yourself. You know, point out your strengths to that company and tell them what you have to offer them, so it is more about them needing you than you needing them."

And while Rainey says finding a job is work, she encourages people to not give up.

“You might have to start in an entry-level job, but don't ever give up on the hopes and dreams you have," she said.

She'll also tell you the payoff is worth it.

“I make a good salary. I get paid for doing a job I love," she said. "What else could you ask for, right?“

Arizona Women's Education and Employment does help both men and women. The organization has lots of resources and advice to help you find the job you want or prosper in the one you have.