How to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Summer really does a number on our hair and it's not just the heat. Phoenicians love to hit the pool to cool off, but the pool water is terrible for hair. the chemicals dry it out and do all sorts of damage.

Brittany Guzman, a Drybar stylist, shared some tips with 3TV's Heidi Goitia to help keep your hair looking great no matter how much time you spend in the pool. Prevention is key.

Put a leave-in conditioner in your hair before entering the pool. It will help to block out chlorine.

Rinse the hair with cool water directly after the pool to rinse the chlorine out.

Leave conditioner in your hair during shower for added moisture.

Add an oil to your conditioner (Moroccan oil, 100 proof) for a more intense condition.

Coconut oil is very good for chlorine damaged hair. You also want to clarify hair to start with, to remove any chlorine build up.

To infuse moisture into your hair add coconut, avocado or olive oil to your conditioner to get more moisture to the hair.

You can mash an avocado into a paste and add to your hair leave on for 10 minutes.

For extra shine, leave beer in your hair - Budweiser works best - and rinse it out. The yeast will provide great shine.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar to add shine and balance your hair's pH.

Be sure to rinse your hair right after getting out of the pool to get the chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible.

For regular sun exposure, use hair sunscreen, oil or conditioner, even when hair is dry

Pretreat hair with oil or conditioner and do a light braid or a bun to keep the chlorine damage to a minimum.

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