Man arrested after Sky Harbor security breach

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A man was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after pushing open a secure door that doubles as an emergency exit, according to a Sky Harbor public information official.

At roughly 11 p.m., a man inside of Sky Harbor's Terminal 4 opened a door near gate C12 that leads to the air operations area. Opening the door set off an alarm and strobe lights, so employees quickly realized what the man had done.

The man walked through the door and started toward the secure area. An employee confronted the subject and he jumped over a fence from the secure side of the airport back to the public section. By then, police had responded and arrested the man.

After the subject was detained, officers discovered the man had injuries from before the police came into contact with him, according to police officials. The man was taken to an area hospital.