Northern Arizona gets fair share of rain

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Northern Arizona got its fair share of rain Tuesday, but there was a concern about flash flooding, since recent wildfires have cleared out the area.

However, no serious flooding was reported from those living in the area where the Shultz fire burned. instead the storm caused some street flooding, but most of all it brought much needed rain.

Sadie Nez was cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm.

"It was quite a bit of heavy rain for about three or four minutes, but then that was it, and now it's just sprinkling," she says.

Her home is on the side of a hill, and when it rains, it comes pouring down her backyard.

"Before I built this ditch right here, we had rain going down behind the house and pine needles all over the place, so we had to dig this ditch so that it goes down the apartments down to the road,” said Nez.

No streets were flooded by Nez's home Tuesday afternoon, but just off of Interstate 40, it was a different story.

A street flooded after a wash overflowed, but many drivers decided to cross anyway.

"I reckon it's about five feet deep," said Eula Loney, who eventually decided against it.

"Probably if I were alone I would chance it, but like I said, I have two little ones in the car, and I didn't want to take a chance," she said.

The National Weather Service said 3.6” inches fell around east of Flagstaff, and 1.57” at the Flagstaff mall.

In the Prescott area 0.60” fell in just 15 minutes.